Are you feeling stuck, anxious or even depressed?

We all have those moments but we don't have to live that life!  Inside of us, there is a part yearning for greater creativity, more happiness, and more excitement.  It can be scary when we start hearing those little whispers urging us to do something different. Yet, those little whispers and urges are your spirit calling out for you to create a life that inspires you and excites you.   Where do you start making changes?  How do you overcome the fear of switching things up?  How do you even know what it is you really want besides the vague sense that life is not the way you thought it would be?

Whether you are finding yourself in a place of "Now what?" or struggling with anxiety and depression, there is a clear path out of confusion and pain and a way forward to living  your best life 

You are a spiritual being having a human experience! 

Powerful beyond words and the creator of your life.  What life do you want to create for yourself?

I believe that inspired travel has the possibility to transform us.  When we step out of our comfort zone and embark on an adventure, it sends a strong message that we dare to look at life from another vantage point. It opens up our heart and spirit to the possibility that there is more life, passion and joy available to us than we previously thought possible.

“True feminine courage isn’t loud, or brash.

It doesn’t scream from the rooftops.

Instead, it wraps us in loving arms during our darkest times, and whispers,

“Be brave, for you can do this. You are meant for this, and so much more.”

~ Publisher Linda Joy

Whether depression has been a lifelong struggle or you are currently experiencing it because of life circumstances, I want you to know that it is possible to heal from depression. Thousands of people have healed from it and you too can learn how to create a better life!




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Kind Words

"Nicole is not just another coach.  She has been on this healing and awakening soul journey herself.  She helped me discover the truth behind some unconscious beliefs from my childhood that were holding me back in fear as I prepared to start my own healing business.  Nicole has the deep wisdom and intuitive sense needed to help lovingly guide you on your own unique journey, and she can help you learn to deeply love yourself and create a life filled with joy, peace, and great fulfillment. "

 Ann Fleenor,  Abingdon Virginia

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