Hello! I am Nicole Wettemann, a Holistic Life Coach, Bestselling Author and  the Founder of the Depression Freedom Technique.™ I am passionate about helping women remove any obstacles that are keeping them from living their best life.  I empower women to discover their strength, their purpose, and their own unique voice.

Why Me?

Seven years ago, laying on my bathroom floor crying at night with my children in the next room, I felt a deep desire for my life to feel different.


To feel as though I had a purpose.


To truly believe that depression did not need to rule my life.


To step out of the trauma and pain of an abusive childhood.


To learn what lasting joy felt like.


To express my voice and spirit authentically in this world.


I knew there had to be more to life.  I sensed this deep longing for an authentic connection.  Not to another but to myself.  To know my truth.  To honor myself.  To believe in myself.  To be unshakable in the strength of my spirit.



I didn’t know how, but my desire and strength were enough to clear the path.


One day at a time I healed my fearful perceptions and false beliefs, deepened my spiritual practice, strengthened my faith and took small right actions toward my dreams.


Today I am proud to say that I am living all of my desires.  I feel connected to the truth of who I am. I express my voice freely and authentically and I live my purpose every day.


I have been blessed with incredible teachers and mentors along the way, and I am so proud to know that I have become a coach and mentor to the women I have supported the last few years.


Women that have released their limiting beliefs.


Women that no longer struggle with depression.


Women that are rediscovering who they are and are sharing their gifts with the world.


If you are struggling with depression or life feels more difficult than you want it to; I encourage you to look around my website.  Check out my free offerings, sign up for the free tool kit or look into the services I offer.  ​

Life is meant to feel good!

Start Living Your Best Life Now!

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