Depression Programs

You WANT to heal your Depression...

There is only one problem......

You lost faith that you ever will.

Do you ever...

  • Feel as though you are a burden to your family and friends?

  • Find yourself lost in a downward spiral of negative thoughts?

  • Feel certain that you will never be able to break free from depression?

  • Mourn the life that you used to have before depression hijacked it?

  • Wish you were more inspired and hopeful to change your life?

I work with women every day that have been on this exact emotional roller coaster.  They have tried for years, sometimes decades to break through their depression.  For some of them, they have had periods in their life when it looked as though they succeeded.  Then they went under again and as a result feel they will never permanently break free.  Others don’t remember a time in their life that they didn’t suffer from depression.  All of them have tried everything they could think of to heal from their depression.

You want to feel happier, inspired and manifest awesomeness into your life, but you just don't know how to do it. You feel like you need a MIRACLE if things are ever going to change. 

I've seen and experienced the same struggle again and again.  So I took a lifetime of learning and created 

Programs that get results!

But, let's be honest here, you don't believe that it's possible for you.  Maybe you feel that you have struggled for so long, that your depression is so severe, that you have tried everything there is, and nothing has ever helped. Maybe you feel ashamed, guilty and ungrateful because your family and friends don't understand why you can't see how blessed you are. So you read self-help books, visit your therapist faithfully to talk about your depression and you may even feel better for a time ... until you fall into the hole again.


My programs were created to heal depression at a core level.

Solution-oriented, positive yet realistic, programs that focus on a spiritual solution to depression strengthened by science-backed behavior modification.

When you have the right support and tools to heal depression at a core level and science-based techniques to alter your behavior permanently, your experience of life will improve significantly and rapidly.  Each week we will work on shifting depression at a core level using powerful spiritual principles that can help you approach depression more holistically, while also learning science-backed behavior modification techniques to alter your behavior permanently. Starting with the first week, you will feel powerful shifts in your life and in control, as you learn the tools and skills to permanently break free from depression so you can get back to enjoying your family, friends, and life again.


Each of my programs is intuitively tailored to support, heal and change the behaviors and patterns that have become challenges in your life.  To learn more about my programs and which one is best suited to you and your needs, schedule your complimentary exploration session.

Telephone: 920-241-4805


It doesn't matter if you have been struggling with depression for decades or if you are currently struggling due to circumstances. 

I will meet you wherever you are.  


No matter where you are now, you are ready! 

And you will notice the benefits on the first day!

Do not give up!

This is Your Miracle!

"I felt so hopeless after years of struggling with depression and for the first time, I have a real sense that a happier future is actually possible for me. Nicole was able to see the woman I really am behind the mask of depression."

Tracy L. Asheville, N.C.

"Nicole gets me and my struggle with depression, the way only somebody that has experienced it herself can.  She offers truly helpful support, incredible insights, and tools that actually work!  Finding her has been a lifesaver."

Marian S. Green Bay, WI


I finally have faith again that I don't have to have this depression forever and that there are things I can do to help myself.  I used to feel powerless over depression, but now I am starting to feel in control again.

Laura, C.  Austin, TX

Start Living Your Best Life Now!

I will send you materials that inspire, support, and empower you to  live a spiritually connected and joyful life.

As a welcome gift, I will send you my free  Conquer Depression Toolkit to guide you through bad days.

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