Free Guided Meditations
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Evening Reflection Meditation

This Meditation is from Dr. Joe Dispenza:

"Being Defined by a Vision of the Future, Instead of a Memory from the Past".

The Universe Supports Me

A little reminder meditation that you are not alone

Forgiveness Meditation

A 15 Minute practice for bringing forgiveness into your heart.

I Am Affirmation Meditation

We create our reality by the thoughts we most frequently carry.  These affirmations will help you to change your inner dialogue to connect you to the truth of who you really are.

Body Awareness Meditation

Throughout life and especially during times of trauma, we lose connection with our bodies.  This meditation was created to bring awareness back to your body.

Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation

A beginning mindfulness meditation practice. Focusing on breath.

Meditation for Difficult Times

A supportive, calming meditation for difficult times.

Nicole Wettemann is an Author, Holistic Life Coach, Speaker and the founder of the Depression Freedom Technique™

Nicole earned her degree in Psychology in 1991. She is a member of the Global Association of Holistic Psychotherapy and Coaching and has received her Certification in Mindfulness Meditation under the guidance of Jack Kornfield.  Nicole helps women be whom they need to be to live the life they came here to live.  She does this by helping to clear any obstacles that are holding them back from living an authentic life and then liberating them to step fully into their purpose and bringing their dreams and vision to life. Nicole is an avid reader, animal lover, and outdoor enthusiast. She loves to ski, kayak, bike, and hike.  She also loves the freedom and adventure of traveling and seeing our beautiful world in all its colors and immense diversity.