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March 13th, 8 pm ET, 7 pm CT

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Empowering YOU to Reclaim Your Life!

Join me for a LIVE Depression workshop and leave feeling empowered with tools and techniques you can start putting into practice immediately!

Learn how to Conquer your Depression


Through Thought:

  • Thoughts are real but not true

  • You are not your thoughts

  • The science behind recurrent thoughts and how to stop them


Through Feelings:

  • How feelings are influenced by thoughts

  • The vibrational nature of feelings

  • Learn how to climb the emotional ladder by raising your vibrations


Through Beliefs:

  • Where do limiting beliefs originate?

  • What are these limiting beliefs keeping you feeling trapped?

  • How to stop believing limiting beliefs.


Through your Authentic Self:

  • Authentic Self vs Conditioned Self

  • Who did you come here to be?

  • How to use your Inner Guidance System to gain control over Depression


Through Joy:

  • Joy is your true nature.  Honestly!

  • Deciding to be joyful

  • How to connect Joy


Through Life Purpose:

  • Yes, you do have a purpose

  • How to connect to your life purpose

  • Steps for moving into your life purpose

This is a LIVE workshop!

What does that mean?

  • Live and personal contact with Nicole

  • Group Support

  • Feel seen and heard

  • Free Workbook

  • Bring Your Questions!

A Zoom Video Conferencing Call

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Come meet Nicole and get YOUR questions answered  in the supportive, intimate environment of your tribe!

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Wednesday March 13th, 8 pm ET, 7 pm CT