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Failure is Impossible

In a session with my coach, I was asked “What is your biggest fear moving forward in your business?” I thought about the fear of visibility. If my name is also my business name, then there is no hiding from the world. I thought about the fear of judgement. Will people think that I have an inflated sense of self? Would people question my ability to help them work through their struggles when I am still at times struggling with issues in my own life? I thought about the money fear and being able to provide for myself and my family. This did not seem unreasonable since money does play an important role in keeping a roof over our head after all. Once I looked at all the various fears I had, I realized that the bottom line fear for me was fear of failure. Failure to make the business a success. Failure to provide financially. Failure in establishing myself as an expert in my field. To my astonishment my coach chuckled at me and said “Failure is impossible” I looked at her incredulous and slightly offended by her dismissal of my fears.I countered back by telling her that my dad would be able to list at least fifty ways I could become a failure at creating a successful business. But trusting her the way I do, I agreed to spend some time reflecting on that statement. “Failure is impossible”

If the possibility of failure was indeed a fact, then there would have to be a certainty and indisputable quality to failure. It would have to be an event that society as a whole would consider a failure. So I started by asking people what they would consider a failure in business or in their life. It did not take long for me to realize that the definition of failure is as varied and individualized as there are people on the planet. So if it is not an indisputable fact, something that can be proven, then failure has to be a set of beliefs based on our learning, societal conditioning, hopes and fears. I then looked at what I truly believe. What I truly believe and has stood the test of time for me, is that people will do the best they can within their consciousness in any given moment. Each time we learn and grow, our consciousness expands and changes and we can never go back to not knowing or being less conscious. Consciousness by it’s nature is a one way street.

If I apply this base belief of doing the best that I can within my level of consciousness, then any undertaking could not be a failure. If I strive to do the best that I am capable of and something does not turn out as well as I had planned, then I have learned something new about myself and my plan and therefore my consciousness is raised and I have achieved new growth. Once this growth has happened, the next project or plan does not start at the old beginning but at my new level of consciousness. Therefore I may have to adjust my plan, or my outcome, but the steps I have already taken would not be a failure.

Failure is truly impossible. Failure is a belief. Success is a belief. The choice between the two is always ours. We can be weighed down by the doubting of our conditioned selves. The need to stay hidden and safe, to not risk for fear of what we have to lose. Or we have the choice to align our mission and purpose with the vibrational energy of the divine. We have the choice to trust and surrender into the flow of the Universe. When we learn to get very still and we open up to the wisdom of our own heart’s calling, we are open to creating the life we have imagined for ourselves. If we learn to listen to the calling of our heart and we open to the support of the divine in bringing our purpose into alignment with our desires, we are truly free to create a life of joy, passion and purpose.

I encourage you today, at the very beginning of this new year. What do you choose to believe? What is your heart’s desire? What does the life you want to live look like? Can you be braver? Can you leave fear behind? Can you muster the courage to take one step forward into your destiny? The choice is yours. Go ahead. Decide to follow your dreams! I know I am!

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