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Remembering who you ARE

Remembering who you ARE

Consciousness is the journey inward. The journey to reconnect to who we were before life happened to us. It is that part of us that remains always present. In the moment. The part of us that was there before we came to be. It is the part of us that connects us back to our divinity. In that place of consciousness all things are possible. When we create from that place of consciousness we create in symphony with the divine essence. All things touched from this place of divinity and wholeness are sacred. We know who we are. We radiate light. We offer love to the world and to our planet. We breathe as one with the plant life and the animal world. There are no more separations between us and them. We suffer as one and we heal as one. We see the divinity and the light in each other.

So we come into this world complete, joyful, loving and present in the moment. Pure consciousness. We see it in babies, in their bright sparkling eyes and their ready smiles. We see it with young children still, unencumbered in their pursuit of what brings them joy, Sharing their love freely and continuing to be present in each moment. Fully present without thoughts or expectations or doubts. Life happens to all of us, we grow up and we are taught to become successful adults. Through discipline, the educational system, societal pressures and expectations we conform to what is expected of us, as children, students, adults, moms and dads and employees. Living on this beautiful planet earth as part of society we do need some conformity, some rules and some manners to get along with others. The trouble really is, that it is a rare person that has managed to navigate into adulthood with a memory of who they really were when they came into this world. The reason for this often is that the people guiding us into adulthood, such as parents, teachers and elders have forgotten themselves who they truly are at their core. These well intentioned adults then go on and project their hurts and their wounds on to the children they are in charge of. For example, a woman that may have gotten picked on in High School for her looks, may have harsh criticism for her daughter’s body when she enters puberty. A father who may have been sensitive as a young boy and has gotten teased for this trait, may be overly harsh and sensing weakness in his son when he feels that his son is too sensitive. This way, many adults pass on their wounding to the children in their life. This is done with little awareness of what is happening and most often does not have any ill intent. This projection can happen to the most loving and well intentioned parents. Imagine now the damage that could be done by parents and adults who themselves have suffered abuse. It can be enormous and separates the young child from who they were born to be into an adult with behaviors and patterns conditioned by the parenting, but bearing little resemblance to their younger identity. How often do we feel disconnected or lonely. How often do we hear adults ask, “I don’t even remember who I am?” The pain that many of us feel is the separation from our true authentic self. We have taken on this conditioning by the adults and society and have mistakenly believed it to be who we are.

Through he practice of meditation and deep healing work it is possible to quiet our mind enough that we can find a way back to our true selves. The beauty is that we still are THAT. Our Authentic self is in there, just waiting to be remembered underneath all of our roles and expectations. The joy, pure love and the presence are all there. It is just that we forgot that we have it in us and how to access it. When we can learn to access that place in us once again, there is no need to find validation from others. No need to sacrifice ourselves for love. We stop searching for happiness outside of us, whether that means expecting others to make us happy or thinking we will find happiness in a new city, a bigger house, a bigger car. That is not to say that we don’t still want to be loved by others, but it is a love based on wanting to share this incredible love inside of us with somebody else, not expecting the other person to make us happy in return. Expecting others to make us happy puts expectations and a burden on somebody we love and sets them up for failure. Because we do not carry our love for ourselves inside of us, it is like a broken cup. The other person can pour all the love in us, but we have no way of keeping it there and it slowly leaks back out, creating a very difficult and painful pattern in the relationship. When we attach happiness to things, our happiness does not last. Do you remember the joy and pride you had the day you drove your first car into the high school parking lot? If happiness rested in things, the big expensive cars we sometimes own as adults would make us exponentially happier. Yet, it does not seem to work that way. Beautiful and expensive things may be nice to have, but if you lack the joy and connection inside of yourself, the happiness from a purchased item will only last a very short while. We cannot make “things” responsible for our happiness. Things tend to break, lose their shimmer or get lost When we stop identifying with our “stuff” we may still enjoy it but if we were to lose it tomorrow, we would still be able to find joy in our heart.

So, what can we do to move us closer to remembering our true nature today? Sometimes it helps to stand in front of a mirror and take a good look at ourselves. If we allow ourselves to stand there and deeply gaze into our own eyes, we can sometimes sense the “being” behind the eyes. Who is this “being” that is looking out from behind your eyes? That is your consciousness. Some call it the “seed of the soul” or “the one who knows”. It is the consciousness that entered into this lifetime when your body entered. It is the consciousness that is inside of us all of our lives. It never ages. It never judges. It never disparages. It just is. Quiet. Unmoving. Observing. This deep consciousness is the birthplace of our dreams, manifestations, joy and abiding divine love. When we learn to operate from this place of deep and profound stillness it changes who we are and it changes every interaction we have in our daily lives and most importantly it changes our relationship with ourselves. It isn’t always easy to access through all of our conditioning and limiting beliefs. Yet, we all have it. We all have the ability to connect back to it and to discover our inherent nature, divine love and life purpose. I would love to help guide you back home to your own consciousness and remembering who you truly are. You are not this life you are living, you are not this body, you are not these emotions, you are so infinitely more.You ARE.

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