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The Heart's Seasons

Today was one of those cool early autumn mornings that you long for at the end of a long, humid summer. The air was crisp, the sky a deep cloudless blue and somewhere in the distance the geese were honking as they start preparing for their flight south.

This morning I decided to walk a path along the river that I have not dared walk in many months for the memories it holds. I was struck by the beauty of the river with a cloud of fog rising above it. The sound of the leaves as they were blown by the wind, having started their transformation to the beautiful shades of red and orange soon to come. The Goldenrods shining in their bright yellows, waving across the field.

It struck me in that moment that in a world filled with uncertainties we can always trust that the seasons will come and the seasons will go. Despite our best efforts to hold on to the beautiful moments and rush the painful ones along, the seasons move on their own time. Spring will turn into summer and summer will turn into fall.

And so it is with our heart. Our heart as well has its season. It moves on its own time with little effort on our part. It holds the seasons of beginnings and endings, of rapture and of sorrow. You learn that happiness and love enters your life for a period and then leaves. You come to understand that there is wonderful opportunity for growth in the dark hours of grief and loneliness and you learn to trust that it is all part of the heartbreaking unfolding of life on this earth. Time moves forward and one day you realize that the fibers of your body that once held on so dearly to the desolation and grief have slowly turned to joy again. That your eyes once clouded by pain can see the beauty of life again and the heart once hardened and unable to imagine joy and love opens up and says, “Yes, I am here. I am open to to share love and receive love once again”

In that moment of my heart’s release, a morning dove landed in a tree ahead of me and as it sang it’s soft, drawn out song I knew that I was whole once again.

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