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3 Signs You May Be Longing For A Spiritual Connection....Without Realizing It!

Updated: Apr 28, 2019

Spirituality is a multi million dollar a year business. More and more people are becoming disenchanted with organized religion, worn out by life, increasingly pressured to work harder and longer to buy the things we are told will make us happy and life easier. We buy books on meditation, self help books, books on deepening consciousness, all the while feeling more and more at loss. With each book we read, we feel discouraged that the feel good promises don’t materialize, that we are somehow doing something wrong. Maybe we aren’t spiritual enough, or intellectual enough, we attach to the guru of the moment, hoping that their brand of spirituality will be our saving grace.

There is of course nothing wrong with reading books to challenge our beliefs and encouraging us to do things differently. Often times spiritual thought leaders are the first introduction to spirituality and a different way for us to function in this world and that is always wonderful progress. What happens when you have done the reading, made some changes, maybe even started meditating, but your conditioning keeps getting in the way of making permanent changes or something somehow keeps us from feeling happier. Those may be subtle signs that your soul is yearning for a deeper spiritual connection and you may not be aware of it.

Throughout our life and with increasing intensity as we age, everything in us, yearns to awaken to our inherent nature. To remember who we are beyond our roles, stories, difficulties and possessions. We start to have this vague sense that there has to be more to life than what we are living. We know there is something missing, yet we can’t identify what “IT” is.

3 signs that I have identified as signals that we are wanting to awaken to our inherent nature and are moving beyond identifying with our egos are:

  • A sense of restlessness and a searching for home. Often times people will explain it as a sense of profound loneliness even among family. We may have spent a lifetime attaching our feelings of “home” to other people, places and things. We find that those sources outside of us no longer feed the need for connection. Often times we start to leave relationships, look for different houses, jobs or even locations to regain that feeling of home that we once had. Yet the relief we find is short lived and the unease sets back in.

  • We start becoming aware that our responses and habitual ways of reacting to life’s situations are no longer serving us. We notice that our behavior patterns are no longer beneficial in our relationships and that the beliefs that once helped us make sense of our environment are no longer conducive to our growth. Things feel as though they are falling apart and we don’t understand why it is happening.

  • You feel as though your life no longer fits you. The choices you have made, the career you have enjoyed, the friends you have been keeping company, it all starts to feel out of sync with how you are starting to see yourself. You want MORE, yet you don’t know what that means or where the desire stems from.

These are but a few of the changes that start to happen as your soul is yearning to regain the spiritual connection it once had. Luckily, we never lose the connection. It remains dormant in- side of us, waiting to be remembered... When we awaken to who we truly ARE, life starts to feel easier. We move with confidence, recognizing that we are at all times supported by the uni- verse. Joy starts to radiate from our center and we attract the people, places and things that support us. We exude the subtle confidence that comes with knowing who we truly are and our external world starts responding in kind.

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