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Who Do You Need To Be To Live The Life You Came Here To Live?

Have you ever asked yourself this question? Are you living the life you want to live? Are you showing up fully and joyfully in your relationships, your profession, your leisure time?

I speak to so many women every week that are going through the paces of their life, yet feel disconnected, lonely and stuck in circumstances that feel out of sync with who they are, where they want to be and how they want to show up in their life.

All of us enter this world with a divinely imparted gift and unique skill set that only we can bring to this world in exactly the way we would. Yet through societal conditioning and expectations we start to conform and twist into smaller versions of ourselves. We go to college and choose a career based on the financial security it might provide. We live in partnerships that provide stability but lack soul connection. We raise our children to succeed in school, excel in athletics and conform to the standards set by society, instead of encouraging them to be the best version of themselves, wether that might be artists or athletes, extroverts or introverts. We run from one meeting to the next, store to store, always searching for the thing, the person, the job that fills us up. We are over-worked, under-valued and disconnected from our inherent divine nature. We cling on to people in hopes that their love makes us feel worthy and seen.

What if there was another way? What if you could learn to come home to your own inherent nature? What would you be willing to do if you knew that the ultimate outcome would be living an authentically connected life. Would you be willing to look at your life, your stories, your wounds, knowing that all of those difficulties and experiences are signposts to move you into alignment with your higher self? What if, through that deeper, authentic self, you could find your way back to your inherent divinity and be able to re-establish the connection to your spiritual guidance and angels.

Speaking to our spiritual team is not a privilege afforded to a select few. We all have the ability to speak directly to the divine, to feel our spirit guides and angels around us at all times. Can you imagine the ease your life might have, knowing and feeling that you are absolutely supported at all times by a source so powerful and loving that all your worries and fears or difficult times would feel manageable? Your trust so strong knowing that all things ultimately happen for your own good and that even though you may be experiencing pain and difficulties, you have complete faith that in time, you will be seeing the big picture, even if in your current life situation you cannot.

As a young child, I remember being able to speak to my angels, to feel their presence around me all the time. Speaking to them felt as natural as speaking to my friends. Their presence felt as real as any human standing next to me. Through a series of traumas, difficulties, environment and loss, I, as so many others, lost touch with my angels. Eventually as an adult, it felt like a daydream I may have had as a child. It stopped feeling real and I went about living my life as expected and deeply disconnected. Of course the divine, spirit guides and angels, don’t forget why we came to this planet. They don’t forget that we had a reason for coming and what that reason was. What are they to do? They cannot call you up and remind you what your mission was and to stop wasting time. What they do instead is put synchronicities, events and intuition in front of you. When you get way off course from what you came here to do, they give you gentle nudges to guide you back on your path. Of course all too often we ignore these little nudges and so the nudges get bigger until they become harder to ignore.

It was the same for me. I stopped hearing my guidance and went about creating a life so far removed from the life I came here to live, ignoring all nudges, that in my 40s I had to lose my marriage, my daughter fell into addiction, I lost my financial security and ultimately a partnership that felt vital in my life. Through losing everything and the final surrender of my ego, I started hearing my guidance again. Subtle at first and then ever stronger. Through that connection I remembered again why I came here. I remember where I came from. I remember my mission and I now live my life purpose. Yes, there are still difficult times. Yes, life does hurt sometimes, things don’t always go as planned. But instead of fighting it, I can now surrender to it, knowing that I am loved beyond all measure, protected at all times, and always guided deeper into my purpose and mission. I now remember that I came here to guide women back home to their inherent divinity. To teach them to re-connect to their spiritual team so we can create a better, brighter and fully awakened world for our children to inherit. We all have the ability to talk to the divine, spiritual guides and angels. I love when somebody for the first time re-discovers that connection.

We have reached a point at our evolution as humans where the mass awakening has to happen in order for us to continue living on this planet and leaving a better legacy for our children. I believe it is time for women to re-connect to who they truly are, shed the obstacles that keep them from living their purpose, so they can create their dreams and vision of the life they came here to live. Are you ready?

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