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We Can't Be Love and Light All of the Time but We Can Learn Tools to Get Back Quickly

When I first started my healing and spiritual journey, I used to look at gurus, like Eckhart Tolle or Oprah, and be certain that they never had bad days. I thought they lived in love and light every waking moment and judged myself pretty harshly when I had bad days.

I have since learned that even the most enlightened masters have days where life seems a little harder and thoughts trend a little negative. As humans we cannot always be love and light, but we can learn to come back to that place much quicker. Nowadays I measure my spiritual growth not so much by never having negative emotions or hard days, but by how quickly I can return to a better feeling state.

Below I will share with you five simple techniques to to return to love and faith. I have taught these tools to my clients and they all work in just a few minutes.

Use these techniques when you notice yourself feeling angry, stressed, anxious or scared. They will not only help you feel better in the moment, but with practice, they will also shorten your comeback rate and raise your vibration.

Technique 1: Feel your feelings

All too often we are scared that if we allow ourselves to feel negative emotions such as anger, sadness or fear, that we will get stuck in them. I have since learned that feelings will pass through us in about 90 seconds. Allow yourself to feel your emotions without attaching stories to them and you will learn that feelings do in fact pass through you very quickly. What keeps difficult emotions in place is actually the stories we tell ourselves about the event or the pushing away of the feelings. Feelings demand to be felt. Close your yes, take a deep breath, feel whatever comes up and then when you are ready release the emotion with a big exhale.

Technique 2: Self-Compassion

Sometimes the simplest way to move out of painful emotions is to acknowledge them and to be present with them. The next time you are feeling funky, close your eyes, place your hands on your heart and give yourself a healthy dose of compassion. Imagine sending yourself love, support and empathy as you breathe into your heart space. When you do this, it signals to your heart that it is okay to calm down and that you are safe.

Technique 3: Choose love

The next time you are feeling anxious, fearful and stressed, make a commitment to yourself to choose love over fear. Living a life that feels supportive and easy takes commitment and practice. Each opportunity that you have, say to yourself “I choose love and peace over this”. Make this a mantra as you move about your day. By reminding yourself of this commitment, you signal to yourself that you are open to seeing the situation through a different lens. Making the choice to choose love signals to the universe that you are seeking a new way of showing up in this world and the miracles will start flooding in.

Technique 4: Guided Meditations

If you are feeling drained, unfocused and scattered, take fifteen minutes to listen to a guided meditation. By focusing your attention on the words of the meditation, you will interrupt the negative thoughts that are causing the difficult feelings to begin with. It will also slow down your breathing and heart rate and will cause relief in your tension and stress level. Try using guided meditations at night if you struggle to fall asleep at the end of a difficult day as well.

Technique 5: Surrender control

A substantial portion of the stresses in our life come from our need to control situations, leading to a great deal of pain in our life. Our ego has a constant need to control in no small part because we fear that if we don’t take care of a situation, nobody else will. I’m not suggesting that you don’t try your best and make every effort to change your circumstance, but once you have taken action on your behalf, it is time to surrender to the outcome. There is always a greater power at work in our life that has a much bigger vision for our life and often times not getting what we want turns out to be a wonderful stroke of luck. Whenever you find yourself stressing about a situation, remind yourself “I am powerless over this situation and I chose to release control”.

I hope you will have opportunities to practice these tools today and if you do, leave a comment below to let me know your experience and how it helped.

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