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5 Tips for Keeping Your Vibes High

I lean towards Rumination. Yup, I’m a recovering ruminator! Rumination is the tendency to compulsively focus on one’s own negative thoughts. Playing out scenarios. Repeating old conversations, imagining new conversation. Spinning stuff in our heads that has no chance of having a different outcome. Ultimately keeping us from enjoying the present moment. It deepens our commitment to the “truth” of our thoughts. Spend enough time in that ruminating place, you will create a belief that will become the truth that you live by.

Because I know that for me, ruminating can quickly take me down a slippery slope, I have to make a commitment to myself everyday to stay in the present moment, aware of my thoughts as much as possible. But I also know that in any given day, there are many triggers that can get me thinking of the more difficult aspects of my life, grief, disappointments and fears. So, I have created little Ruminator Terminators that I can use whenever needed.

A lot of our incessant thinking tends to come from boredom and an unstimulated brain. One of the things I used to do a lot when I was trapped in my negative thoughts would be to check out what everyone else was up to on Facebook. Not a good idea! Here are some things to try instead:

1. Sing!

Seems a strange thing to do when you are caught in negative thoughts, so why does it work? Because your brain cannot sing, focus on lyrics and have negative thoughts at the same time. Mind you, I’m not talking about singing along to a sad love song, or lyrics that are gonna just make you feel worse. I’m talking about creating a playlist of songs that will have you singing along joyfully!

Just for fun, here are a couple of mine:

Don’t Stop Me Now by Queen

One of Us by New Politics

Imma Be by The Black Eyed Peas

Single Ladies by Beyoncé

Well, you get the point! Pink Floyd should probably not be on the list….just saying :)

So, go ahead! Make one for yourself and then let it rip!

2. Plan Ahead!

Is there a day of the week that is harder for you? For me, Fridays can be difficult. With my kids mostly out of my house now and being single, sometimes weekends can seem like this looming large hole. So I plan some fun activities for myself on Friday evenings, to start the weekend of on a fun empowered note. I might plan a bike ride, kayak trip or a nice dinner with a glass of wine on my back patio. Who says you need another to have fun doing those things? What would be fun to do for you? Planning ahead is important though, because once you start not feeling so great, it is often impossible to think of something to do. Right?

3. Dance!

Again, seems a silly thing, but dancing is the fastest way to raise your vibration and get into a better mood. If I feel tired, a little cranky or just out if sorts, I put on some fun music and dance around my room. It is also a great opportunity to be silly and try out some new dance moves. You never know when they might come in handy!

4. Keep your brain busy!

A learning brain cannot be ruminating. I have this dream of some day living in the South of France. Currently I live in Wisconsin. Far cry from the south of France! I could worry about wether that dream will ever come true. Chastise myself for all the decisions I have made in my life that have me living in Wisconsin and not in the south of France right now and then really go down a slippery slope. Instead, I have decided to start learning French. As I see it, either I will get to use my french skills with my neighbors in France or they may come in handy on some romantic date in the future. Either way, win/win! While my brain is focused on listening to the french words and repeating them, it is not thinking of anything else. The possibilities are endless! Knitting, crocheting, painting? Something more active? The sky is the limit! For me, Scuba Diving is next. What about you?

5. Reach out to a friend!

Call a friend that you know will be upbeat and positive. Talk about anything at all, make plans to get together, ask them about their life. Anything other than talking about your own problems. The point here again is to not jump in the river. By distracting yourself you can get to a better feeling state. Once off the phone with your friend, it will be easier to keep the positive thoughts going. Try it!

These are just a few simple, tried and true ways for you to raise your vibes. It really is a decision to be in a better feeling state. We don’t have to think the negative thoughts we do. We don’t have to listen to sad songs that will make us feel worse and we don’t have to let our brain run amok with negative thoughts when we have control over where our attention goes!


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