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3 Steps Closer to Your Dream

I’ve spent a good amount of time in my life feeling pretty stuck. In those moments of feeling like the victim, it seems there is no way out. Wether we are trapped by circumstance or our own limiting beliefs, feeling stuck is painful. It robs us of the joy we should be experiencing in life. It prevents us from seeing solutions to our dilemma, and it often times breeds resentment. I know I have felt that helplessness and fear of not having a way out or not seeing a way out of a difficult situation. I wanted to share some tips for getting yourself unstuck and steps you can take right now to move yourself closer to your dream.

1. Gain clarity on what it is you want

What would be the best life for you? Where would you live? What would you be doing? How would you describe your ideal partner? What does this ideal life feel like? Get really clear about the picture of your best life. Then write it down in great detail. Write it down as though it has already happened. Writing down your vision is a powerful statement to the universe. Once you are clear on your desires and you let them be known, all the forces in the universe conspire to bring them to you. The reason why we don’t always receive, is because our doubts and focus on what we want yet don’t have, keep them from coming to us. Once you have it written down, trust that it is on its way in divine timing, then relax into the knowing. Spend some time each day envisioning what it feels like to live your best life. Feel the emotion of it. Like attracts like and by raising your vibration to match the feeling of your desires, they have no choice but to come to you. For example, my goal is to buy a sailboat, live on it for a period of time while sailing and exploring the world. I know what that freedom and adventure will feel like. I carry the feeling with me every day. I feel it, as though I already have that boat sitting in the marina. It is that feeling that can make me smile as I am facing another brutal Wisconsin winter.

2. Keep your eyes on the prize

It is easy in life to get sidetracked and lose sight of what we ultimately want to attain. Each moment of the day, life pulls us in different directions. Is it a new house you want? A new town to live in? A romantic partnership? A desire for more happiness? Get yourself a little trinket, something that you can keep in your pocket or a little charm you can wear. Something that represent your desire. Whenever you have moments of losing sight of what you want, pull it out and look it. Then ask yourself, is this current decision supporting my vision? I have a little sailboat charm on my bracelet that I wear every day. Whenever I see a new pair of shoes, or some kitchen gadget or any other shiny object, I look at my charm. Then I remind myself of what my dream is. Is my dream more important than another pair of shoes? You bet! Does my dream of buying a sailboat and living on it require me to save some money? Yes! Looking at my charm reminds me every time to prioritize my dream over a whim. The little trinket also works with the desire for a new partnership, feeling happier in life or any other goal you may have. We make random decision each day that bring us further away from what we truly desire. This little trick will help you stay focused.

3. One right step in the direction of your dreams

There is the old saying “you can’t get there from here”. When we feel stuck, helpless and hopeless, we feel as though we will never achieve the life we had always imagined. It is only natural to look around at our current situation and think that it could never happen. But that is because we look at the desired outcome in relation to what we have right now. Sitting in my Wisconsin home, prepping my snowblower for the winter, the goal of living on a sailboat and sailing tropical islands seems as far fetched as dreams may come. What isn’t so far fetched though, is reading books about how to make that lifestyle happen, to connect with people that are already doing it, to keep learning sailing skills, to look at what boats would be most suitable. There are many small steps between where you currently are and where you want to get to. All you need to do each day is take one right step in the direction of your dreams and your goals and dreams will be that one step closer.

I hope these tips help you to gain clarity on your dreams and provide you some proven tools to move you closer to your heart's desires. I would love to hear if you have tried any of these suggestions or what YOUR dream is!

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