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Trust in Your Healing Journey

I want to talk to you about how to trust in your healing journey and in the divine unfolding of your life.

Healing from past traumas, divorce, grief and depression can be incredibly scary and overwhelming. At times it may even feel insurmountable. The fear of having to relive things we would rather forget often times leads us to fall into addictive behaviors. We may binge watch Netflix, satisfy our internal pain by eating unhealthy foods or consume too much alcohol. All in an effort to avoid the discomfort of pain and the healing work we need to do to make true lasting changes in our life.

One of my core beliefs is beautifully summed up by Buddhist Teacher Pema Chödrön

Nothing ever goes away

until it has taught us what we need to know.

This lesson applies to all healing wether it is long-held depression, anxiety, difficult relationships, financial problems or past trauma. So, instead of numbing out the pain and being doomed to repeat it over and over, I want to share with you 3 steps to start trusting your healing journey and start making positive changes today.

Before I share the three steps, I want to remind you to be compassionate with yourself. Wether you have been attempting to heal past traumas for decades, trying to make positive changes in your life for years, or you are struggling under more recent events, healing can feel daunting and scary. It can feel easier in the moment to just ignore it, heal it superficially, or attempt to gloss over it. But the truth is that things keep happening to us to drive home the lesson. We are destined to grow and expand in this life and to enjoy our human experience. Anything that blocks us from that endeavor, will keep showing up in bigger and more painful ways throwing a big spotlight on the unhealed parts. One thing is for sure though, until we heal it, it won’t go away.

In the last few weeks I have had one of those lessons show up for me again in a BIG way. I thought I had healed it. I read books on it. Even had some coaching around it, but I wasn’t willing to dig deep and get to the core of it, and now, here it is again. Really big this time!

I’m sharing these tips with you to keep myself on track and for you to know that you are never alone in facing life’s difficulties. Undoubtedly there are others dealing with similar pain right now.

1. You have to be willing to heal

Seems obvious, doesn’t it? Something hurts, of course we are willing to heal it. Are we really though? Healing something at the core level is not done by processing it and thinking about it after reading a book or even on a therapist’s couch. It requires someone that can take you into your body, help you identify when and how that pain was originally created and why it continues to play out the way it does. It requires us to be open to exploring our pain, releasing it and the willingness to learn tools to move forward in life. Simply being willing to heal it will already set you on the path to emotional freedom.

2. You have to be willing to surrender

That’s my favorite, yet also the one I and so many others struggle with the most. Surrendering requires us to trust that although we may have suffered, times may be hard, depression is present, that there is a greater intelligence at play. With our limited view of the world, we cannot possible know all the reasons why life has handed us some difficult lessons. There is however no coincidences in this universe, and although we can’t see the reasons, trusting that there is a benevolent force at work with infinite knowledge does help us to recognize that there is wisdom in our pain. By surrendering our suffering to this greater wisdom, we can open our heart to healing and find the strength to look at our pain.

3. You have to be open to receive

Once we are willing to heal and willing to surrender we need to be open to receive the help that comes to us. This help can come via an article you find helpful, a book that inspires you, a friend that has had similar experiences and of course professional help. All too often, the universe puts these little tiny crumbs at our feet, trying to coax us into the direction of our healing. By being shut off from receiving the help, many opportunities pass us by. By being willing and open, you will start receiving little hints and coincidences that will start moving you forward.. Go outside in nature, open your arms wide and say “I’m open to healing and willing to receive” then watch the miracles flood into your life.

I want to finish by saying that healing from our pasts is a commitment and a marathon. It is not a sprint. It doesn’t happen over night. Do not avoid doing your healing work. By doing so, the pain lingers indefinitely. By choosing to heal, you pave the way for a better tomorrow. If you are willing to heal, reach out to me and let's get started on creating a better tomorrow.

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