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3 Ways to Connect to Source Energy

“…It is this universal intelligence that gives life to that field and everything in it, including you and me. This power is the same universal mind that animates every aspect of the material universe. This intelligence keeps our hearts beating and our stomachs digesting food and oversees an incalculable number of chemical reactions per second that take place in every cell.

Moreover, the same consciousness prompts trees to grow fruit and causes distant galaxies to form and collapse.

Because it exists in all places and times, and exerts its power within us and all around us, this intelligence is both personal and universal……

…..how can a consciousness that has created all of life, that expends the energy and will to consistently regulate every function of our bodies to keep us alive, that has expressed such a deep and abiding interest in us, be anything but pure love.”

from Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself by Dr. Joe Dispenza

I love falling asleep to books I listen to on Audible. I set my sleep timer and drift off to sleep listening to wise or inspiring words of Authors. Rarely though, as I’m drifting off to sleep do I hear something that makes me sit up, turn on the light and hit repeat on the story.

The above clip did just that. I have been enjoying listening to and reading Dr. Dispenza’s book and have made so many notes and bunny ears inside the pages, that I may be hard pressed to ever lend this book to one of my local clients. I studied behavioral psychology in College, always interested in how we can re-program our minds to adjust maladaptive behavior. Reading his book has been a perfect fusion for me in combining spirituality with neuroscience. I love when what I have come to know as a spiritual truth gets back up and validity from science.

So, let me ask you? Reading the above clip, how do you feel? Can you recognize the truth in it? What would your day to day life look like if you firmly recognized how much you are truly loved? Because resting in the truth of how loved I truly am has helped me in healing from depression and consistently has me in a place of joy, I wanted to share three ways that you could start connecting with source energy and your spiritual guidance.


Getting still and turning inward is by far the best way to step out of your physical body and thinking mind. When we are too closely identified with our thinking mind, it keeps us out of the present moment. Thinking always involves either reviewing the past or projecting into the future. Communication with source energy always happens in the now. Start by taking just 15 minutes a day to silence your thinking mind. This will be difficult in the beginning. Meditation is a practice. Dedicate yourself for one month and you will be amazed by the changes it will bring to your life.

2. Raise your Vibration:

I talk about this all the time. Feelings and emotions are nothing more than energetic vibrations. It feels so overwhelming when we are stuck in difficult or painful emotions, but shifting them is absolutely possible. A powerful exercise to do daily is to deliberately feel yourself to a better feeling. Wherever you are right now emotionally, at some point you had moments of happiness, or optimism, love and joy. You know what those feelings feel like in your body. See if you can re-create the feeling in your body. By gaining control of our emotions we can gain control over our reality and ultimately our personality.

3. Heal from your conditioning:

We all walk this earth carrying a collection of our conditioning, traumas, disappointments and painful moments. Every time we re-play those memories, either in our mind or through talking about them or spending any length remembering them, we actually re-activate the cells in our body and it will react and feel exactly as it did in that moment. In effect you end up experiencing the pain all over again and re-traumatizing yourself over and over again. Whatever difficulties, pain, or trauma you carry, you CAN heal from it. It does not have to take a long time to release your past and step more fully into your present. Source energy wants you to heal and wants you to have everything you have ever dreamt of. Why? Because as Dr. Joe Dispenza has said in the clip above, it is pure love. That love wants you to heal, it wants you to grow and expand and it needs you to bring your unique gifts into this world. Your healed self is very much needed on this planet.

I would love to hear which of these three ways you would be willing to start practicing in an effort to strengthen your connection to source energy and ultimately create an entirely new trajectory for your life.

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