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3 Steps to Let Go of the Old and Bring in the New

“Let go of your story so the Universe can write a new one for you.”

Marianne Williamson

Letting go of our stories is one of the first steps we need to take when we are embarking on a spiritual journey. While on this path of spiritual growth, we are always learning, expanding and tuning into our own inner wisdom.

We all have our stories of trauma, disappointments, betrayal and heartbreak, but in order for the Universe to help us bring in a new and better story, we have to be willing to let the old stories go. By holding on to our old stories and re-telling them over and over we continue to be held in the same emotional patterns and pain responses as the original event. That is how our brain and body work together. We think of a past event, either happy or sad and within our brain an entire series of chemical reactions occurs that move our body in to the feelings of the original injury. Our brains cannot tell the difference between fantasy and reality. If we dwell in the past and think about negative events, our feelings will match those of the past in the present moment. Today I want to share with you three steps to letting go of your story:

1. Bring gratitude to your story:

Look at your story, the husband that cheated, the abuse suffered, the medical diagnosis and offer the story a thank you. Thank your story for helping you to grow into the amazing human you are today. The story has shaped you, made you more compassionate and wiser. Although you may not yet understand why your life unfolded how it did, trust that in time, you will be able to see the wisdom in it.

2. Break up with the story:

Let go of the stories you tell yourself. Make the decision to surrender them to the universe. Simply let them go. Then pay attention to your thoughts. Throughout the day when you notice the story coming into your awareness, quietly thank it for the lessons within and then deliberately switch your thoughts to the future you want to create. In time, the neural pathways that were created by the past stories will lessen and the neural pathways of your future self will be strengthened. Little by little you will notice that your thoughts will become future oriented and that ruminating about your past will fall away.

3. Create a new story:

As I said above, your brain and body cannot tell the difference between fiction and reality. Think of the last time you watched a scary movie or had a sexual fantasy. You thought the thoughts and your body responded. Right? This ability of the body to create our experience from thought alone is an incredible gift. Our thoughts matter. We can think of ourselves as victims or survivors. We can create the feelings of abundance through our thoughts alone. We can conjure up our perfect mate through thought and feel utterly in love even in the absence of a partner.

The best part about this interplay between brain and body, is that when we create a strong current of emotions through our thoughts alone, gratitude, love, abundance, the Universe has to deliver these things to us in our physical reality. It is law.

What you think about your bring about. Think lovingly. Think wisely.

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