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My Favorite Spiritual Tools

Updated: Apr 28, 2019

I don’t ever make New Year Resolutions because the reality for me is that I don’t tend to stick with them. As soon as there is a “have to” or “should” my inner rebel comes out and sabotages any effort. As a result, resolutions make me feel bad about myself and have me questioning my willpower. What I do instead is reflect on the areas of the year that have gone well and areas I could improve on. Then set an intention to start, improve, or deepen whatever area I identify. One area that is always on my list of intentions is to deepen my spiritual practice and the allowing of its unfolding.

This week I wanted to share with you some of my favorite Spiritual tools and practices. Please know that I don’t have any affiliations with the products I mention. They just happen to be my favorite go to things and what I have found most helpful in the unfolding of my own spiritual growth.

Guided Meditations:

There is no substitute for learning to sit in silence and listening to the whispers of your own heart. I also know that our brains can be relentless and the chatter often times too loud and too intense to tolerate. In that case, I always recommend guided Meditations. It helps to focus our brain on someone else’s voice or directions. I have several free meditations on my website for download or immediate listening right here:


In addition to my own, I love listening to my meditation teacher Jack Kornfield and his easy, calming approach to learning Meditation. He has several apps through Sounds True and also has free meditations on his website https://jackkornfield.com/. If calming, spiritual meditations aren’t your thing, I also highly recommend Dr. Joe Dispenza. His meditations are based on science and can feel a little robotic. They are less relaxing as they focus on re-wiring the brain and creating new neural pathways, but nonetheless are very powerful. There are many copies of his meditations on his website that can be easily downloaded or purchased in CD form. The link to his website is https://drjoedispenza.com/.

Spiritual Growth Books:

I wrote a blog last year about my 6 favorite spiritual/self help books here:


This week I want to focus on my current favorite. “Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself” by Dr. Joe Dispenza. He is a researcher and scientist who combines neuroscience, quantum physics and brain chemistry with spirituality. He gives clear steps to changing the wiring of your brain and provides you with the necessary steps to change yourself from the inside out. It is my favorite, because it combines my love of behavior modification with spirituality. I read his book often, listen to it on Audible and have his meditations. It has made a significant impact on how I approach my life.

Grace Cards

Grace cards or also known as Angel Cards are usually beautifully illustrated decks of cards with keywords on one side and the deeper meaning on the other. There are many ways to use them, but my favorite way is to pick one first thing in the morning. The card can get picked by choosing one that you love best, closing your eyes and choosing randomly or because the card falls out of the deck and into your lap. It doesn’t really matter, because the belief is that the card you are meant to receive is the card that will find you. After you have the card and have read the message you can then carry the message with you throughout the day. My favorite deck is Grace Cards by Cheryl Richardson. All decks come with instructions and different ways of using them. Enjoy!


Feeling a little more daring and open to trying something new? A pendulum is a weighted object, often times a crystal that is hung from a chain or cord. A pendulum works by tapping into our sixth sense or higher guidance. It swings in response to questions that you can ask it. It responds best to yes or no questions. The ways to use a pendulum are many but can include gaining insight into our highest self or help in decision making. I often use it when I’m conflicted about a decision, or when all options are equally weighted. So far, the pendulum has never led me wrong because inside of us, our higher self always knows the next best step.


Finally, the practice most important to me and the most life changing. Gratitude! By focusing on all the things good in our life, we draw more of the same into our life. Gratitude is not about pretending that all is well. Gratitude is about choosing where we want to focus our energy. Again, there are many ways to practice gratitude. You could keep a gratitude journal in which you write all the things you are grateful for. A couple of years ago, when I was going through a difficult time in my life, I wrote the things I was grateful for on a piece of origami paper, folded it into little origami cranes and placed them in a large glass bowl. Not only was it beautiful to look it, but at the end of the year, reading through the gratitude notes was a blessing. These days, I have been reviewing all the things I’m grateful for in my evening meditation and then picking my favorites. This helps not only in seeing how many things I have to be grateful for even on difficult days, but also sends me off to sleep with a calm and loving heart.

What are some of the ways that you bring spirituality into your life? I would love for you to share in the comments below what some of your favorite practices are.


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