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5 Simple Ways to Connect with Your Spirit Guides

When I was younger, speaking to my angels and spirit guides was as natural to me as speaking to the people present with me. Children are born with the ability to connect to the spirit world, but as they age, most children lose the ability to connect to this world. By the time they reach elementary school, most of them will have forgotten the connection to their spiritual team. Although I may have been able to hold on to this connection longer, I remember disconnecting when I was eight years old during a traumatic event.

Throughout my life though, in moments of anguish and pain especially, I could feel this loving presence around me, urging me to not give up, encouraging me to keep going. I couldn’t identify what it was, but starting in college, I was drawn to studying what this strange pull inside me was all about. I started meditating and studying religions. I wasn’t able to find the answers I was looking for in books and life was getting busier with each passing year. So I set my search for deeper meaning and connection aside.

In retrospect, I now know, that each of the difficulties in my life was designed to help me to re-connect. Not aware enough yet, I looked for the solutions to my problems outside of me. With each set back, I sprung into action. I lost a baby, and instead of grieving, I started researching fertility treatments. My daughter was suffering from an addiction and instead of being present to her and the pain of helplessness, I started researching and learning about the opioid crisis. I fell in love with a woman and got divorced in my early forties, and instead of grieving the end of a twenty year marriage and the fear of living a completely different life, I threw myself into the relationship. I’m not suggesting that these were bad solutions, but they prevented me from feeling the feelings that should have come up around grief, helplessness, despair and uncertainty. I simply did not allow myself to feel. I jumped into action. I researched. I tried to control.

It wasn’t until everything in my life fell apart, when I could not find the solution or answers outside of me that I finally laid down my shield and instead of leaning on my ability to study and find solutions, I fell down on my knees. When there was nothing left to salvage, nothing left to will into being, my heart opened and I softened to the knowledge that I had never been alone. That I never had to work so hard, to push with such might. All that was required was the simple call for help and to open up to connecting to a wisdom much deeper than any I could find in my research. With that final and complete surrender, I found the connection again that I had as a young child.

Today, I use this connection to guide me through my own life, in the work that I do and I teach it to the women I work with. The ability to communicate with spirit guides is not unique to a chosen few. We all have that ability. No special talent required. No special gifts needed. I want to share with you a few simple techniques to start opening that divine line of communication between you and your Spirit Guides.

1.Be still and listen

Much of the communication with our spiritual support team is cut off because we keep our mind so busy with distractions, plans and a need to find solutions. This pushback against simply being in the present moment and feeling what needs to be felt, is a block to any divine connection. By finding time each day to sit in silence, we create the space in our mind for answers to be revealed to us.

2. Get in the habit of asking for help

Our Spirit Guides are always around us, trying to guide us, but they cannot intervene if we don’t ask them for their guidance. When faced with a difficult decision or uncertainty ask for guidance from them. I usually will ask something like this: “I don’t know the right course of action, but I trust that you have my best interest at heart, and so I surrender my will to yours and open up to your guidance.” Then through stillness and being in the present moment, the answers always reveal themselves. Maybe not immediately, but as long as I stay open to receiving, the answers do come.

3. Ask for signs

Our guides often communicate with us through signs. When we don’t recognize them for what they are, we think they are just random occurrences. Once you become aware of what the signs from your guides look like, you will see them everywhere. To start, you can ask for very specific signs. For example, you might ask to see a certain type of bird, hear a specific song on the radio, get a phone call from someone. The signs you can ask for are almost endless. Other ways they communicate with you is through numbers like 11:11, 4:44, and so on. You may come across a feather on your walk. Your lights may flicker or a book falls off the bookshelf. These are all signs to say “You’re no alone”

4. Be childlike

One of the reasons that children can so easily connect to their spirit guides, is because they live in the moment and they tend to find a lot of joy in their day. When we feel joyful, our vibration is naturally raised to match that of the divine. Go out and do things that bring you joy. Sing along to a favorite song, dance in the street, giggle with your children, jump on a swing and see how high you can go. When was the last time you acted silly? Go out and do more of that. Think of it as a spiritual practice.

5. Trust in your ability to connect

The more you can trust that you can learn to connect, the easier it will be. Each time you make that connection, it will be clearer the next time you feel it. You will start to recognize what their presence feels like, what their guidance sounds like and just how close they are every moment of the day. Have fun with it. There is no way to do this wrong. They want to connect with you and they will help you in any way they can to make that connection.

Deepening the connection to your spiritual team will bring peace and faith into every area of your life. Hard times may still come, but you will feel supported, loved and guided through them.

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