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3 Easy Ways to Bring a Little Spirituality Into Your Day

No matter where you are in your life right now, there are ways to start or deepen your spiritual practice. You don’t have to be a Yoga or Meditation teacher, and no Mala beads required. You can be exactly who you are right now and start bringing in a little more love and light into your day.

When you move through your day with the faith that you are deeply supported and loved by a power so much greater than you, it helps you to speak up more fearlessly, create healthier boundaries and trust in the perfect unfolding of your life.

Follow these three steps to bring more spirituality into your life starting today.

1.Ask for connection and guidance:

I start every morning with a simple prayer. “Thank you Source for your love. Please guide my words that they may not harm, guide my actions for the highest good of all, guide my thoughts to stay in alignment with your love and please use help me use my gifts today to brining healing to this world.” After my little prayer, I usually sit in quiet meditation for a short while and open up to receiving any guidance. That guidance is available to all of us. We just need to learn how to listen.

2. Practice keeping faith:

When things get difficult, when we are faced with heartbreak or we feel pushed into a corner, it can be easy to judge a situation or person as wrong. But those are exactly the times we need to lean in even deeper. I used to want to fix everything for everybody. I tried to control outcomes and would go straight into action mode at the slightest sign that things were going off-course. These days, when things get hard, I may still choose to take action, but it comes from a place of faith. I surrender to the unfolding of what is. I may not understand why something painful is happening, but I have faith that in time I will come to understand it. There is peace in surrendering. I have found over and over again, that when I have surrendered, the pain has lessened and the universe arranges all the components necessary for resolving whatever it is I’m dealing with.

3. Judge a little less:

Whenever you feel angry, hurt or resentful, it’s because you are judging another person or circumstance. We humans tend to judge quite bit. Once you start looking for it, you will come to see it everywhere. We judge our partner’s behaviors as right or wrong. We judge how somebody should or should not act, behave, grief, and so on. We all do it to some extent. Bring awareness to the part of you judging another. Take ownership of the part of you that is projecting your beliefs and conditioning on another. I had a client spend a significant amount of time complaining about how judgmental her dad was and how he should be kinder and more forgiving. I sat quietly and listened. All of a sudden she stopped herself and recognized how judgmental she was being in the moment. Judgement is subtle but it profoundly impacts every relationship we have. Often times, what we judge in another is something we also judge about ourselves.

Growing spiritually is a process. It doesn’t happen overnight. Have patience with yourself as you are moving along the journey. You can’t do it wrong. Really! There is learning that has happened and learning that is yet to happen. Nobody is perfect. We are all together on this crazy human ride through the cosmos. So forgive yourself for what you don’t yet know, and utilize and practice what you do know. Once on the journey of spiritual awakening, you can’t ever go backwards.

There is no end station and no “done.” We are always and eternally a work in progress.

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