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How to Use Intuition for Better Decision Making

Do you struggle with making decisions?

It has been my experience that this often shows up in two ways. You may have difficulty reaching decisions independently. Instead, you reach out to everyone you know for help in making the decision or for affirmation that it’s the right decision. In the process, you relinquish your decision making power to people that usually don’t have much invested in the outcome. Or, you may also write lists of pros and cons and agonize for days over which will be the better decision.

The other way this often shows up is in making rash decisions. Maybe the prospect of having to make a decision brings up fear and anxiety. In an effort to discharge the uncomfortable feelings you rush into decisions without even checking in with yourself about what would feel right.

In this week’s blog I want to share with you two strategies that you can start using when facing difficult decisions. But first I want to briefly share why you may be struggling with making the decisions in the first place.

Within us is a compelling guidance system called intuition. It stems from the part of us that is tapped into the universal flow, wisdom, and guidance that is available to all of us. However, our logical, thinking mind closes us off from the guidance available to us. Our ego takes over, and instead of being tapped into the loving support, we are subject to fear, which cuts us off from universal intelligence.

Our ego will always try to dominate, stay safe, manipulate and scheme. When our ego tries to force an answer, we block intuitive messages and signs that are available to us. We lose access to the divine inspiration that would lead us to a better outcome. Our loving inner being or soul is always in a place of expansion and creation. It has access to universal guidance and has faith even in the absence of definitive answers.

So how can you tell if you are listening to ego or intuition?

This is a question I get asked a lot in my sessions and one that is essential in learning to make healthier decisions.

The voice of the ego is always on a mission to get you the outcome that you expect to get. It chases the goal and isn’t willing to let go, re-evaluate or allow for a natural unfolding. It has an agenda, and it goes after it. Physically, this kind of decision often has us feeling tense, anxious, fearful and has our stomach in knots.

Intuition comes from a higher source. When we are tapped into divine guidance, we can let go of the outcome and trust the perfect unfolding. We are able to let go of our limited human view and agenda and trust there are more significant forces at work. Intuition feels like the voice of love. It does not operate on agendas, it has no time constraints, and it doesn’t always make sense to our fearful ego mind. But because it operates from a place of love and allowing, it will always lead to the outcome that is best for all involved.

In short, if you are making a decision from a place of anxiety and fear, it is your ego dictating the outcome. When you listen to intuition, it feels loving, expansive and trustworthy.

How can you start letting go of ego and start making decisions from your intuition?

When you first start listening to intuition, it can often be ego disguising itself. We call that a gut reaction. Intuition and gut reactions are not the same things. A gut reaction is often rash and always comes from a place of fear. The best way to start distinguishing between the two is to implement a time delay. There are very few decisions that have to be made immediately. Allow yourself some time, to get out of the immediacy and step back. By doing that, you can calm your nervous system enough to start feeling your intuition.

Meditation is also a powerful tool in learning to listen to intuition. Meditation teaches us to slow down the constant mind chatter of the ego that edges out divine guidance. By learning to become still, you will notice the subtle ways in which the universe is always speaking to you and guiding you to healthier decisions. When you first learn to meditate the voice of your divine guidance may be very subtle and quiet. The more you listen to it, the more clear it will become.

As you become more spiritually connected, your need to reach out to others to help with decisions, or a rush to make decisions will stop. Each time you listen to intuition, you strengthen your connection, and your decision-making process will feel more comfortable.

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