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3 Spiritual Tools to Help Heal Your Depression

This week I want to share with you three spiritual tools that I have used in my own life to heal from depression and that I teach some of my clients as well. The suggestions I offer below are by no means the only tools or practices I teach and are not meant to be a substitute for working with a doctor or coach. If your depression is not manageable with spiritual and practical tools, I recommend you reach out to me so we can create a plan that will help you to heal from depression.

Everything I teach and my approach to depression is rooted in a spiritual perspective because I firmly believe that it is the missing link in the western, medical approach to depression and anxiety. At the very foundation, depression is a disconnection from the powerful, confident divine beings that we are. The degree of our pain is a symptom of how far we have strayed away from who we authentically came to be, and our divine inner being is lessened by it. It creates the dissonance that we call depression.

As spiritual beings, we are always driven by an inner pull that is looking for expansion and soul growth. Depression and anxiety stop us from that soul intention. Our inner being, also called our soul, bears witness to the unfolding of our life. This divine core is unfailingly at peace because it carries the knowledge of why we came to this life and what soul lessons we are here to learn. When we can connect to this inner being, we can relax into our life and trust that although we may be in pain, there is a reason and a way through it. We can start to relax, knowing that we are loved beyond all measure and supported at all times. Living life from that state of surrender creates a state of calm observation and peace.

Here are the three spiritual tools I believe are vital for shifting out of depression:

Mindfulness Meditation:

1. Mindfulness meditation

Meditation teaches us to sit with our thoughts. Rather than fighting against them, we learn that if we let go of the attachment to our thoughts, they don’t stay. We also learn just how profoundly they impact our feelings. We don’t have painful thoughts because we are depressed. We have depressive thoughts first, which then lead us to feel depressed. When you become aware of the nature of your thoughts, you start becoming aware of your power to shift your thinking and therefore, your depression.

2. Gratitude

It almost seems too simple to be true, but gratitude practiced over time does shift depression. Because our thoughts create our feelings, by shifting our focus intentionally to the positive aspects of our lives, our mood follows. I always encourage my clients to keep a gratitude journal and write in it each night before they go to bed. Start by writing down five things that went well for you during the day or that you are grateful for. In the beginning, five might seem hard, but before too long, you’ll be able to write a whole list. You will also start noticing that you will be looking for inspiration throughout the day of things to write in your journal at night. You will start looking for evidence of all that is good in your life and what you look for you will always find. Gratitude at night will also help you drift off to sleep, and you will wake up feeling more positive in the morning.

3. Boundaries:

Maintaining healthy boundaries is a spiritual practice. It is a way for us to honor our divinity and sets up guidelines for what we will tolerate from another. Every one of my clients, discovers in working with me, that a big part of their depression stems from consistent, long-term self-abandonment. When we consistently put others needs in front of our own, when we say yes to things that we don’t want to say yes to, when we give up our desires and needs to please another, it erodes the core of who we are, and we lose touch with who we authentically came here to be. When we stop being our most authentic self, our inner being takes notice, and that disconnection fuels the depression.

I share these tools with you, to help you feel more empowered over your depression and to give you some tools to start shifting some of your pain. Please keep in mind that my clients also receive energy healing and work with me on deep, core level healing. If your depression is beyond the scope of these spiritual tools, please reach out so we can work together on creating a path out of depression for you.

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