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3 Steps to Create the Life you Want to Live

Whatever it is you desire, the universe wants for you. If you are anything like I used to be, you might be asking yourself right now, then why don't I have it? Because our universe is an inclusion based universe. That means it will always bring you what you focus on. Look around your life right now. What do you see? Is there an absence of money, health, love, life-satisfaction? This is a clear indicator that although you may be focusing on earning more money, gaining better health or finding a new love, your focus is on the lack of those experiences in your life right now. For example, working towards making more money, while looking at the lack of it in your bank account won't get you to the place where you will have more. Wanting a new love in your life while crying every night about the absence of someone next to you cannot bring you a new love.

As children, we are all taught that if we beg for something, if we cry because we don't have it, if we plead with our parents long enough, we will eventually get it. That may have worked with our parents, but a universe that does not withhold but always delivers what we are focusing on will bring us exactly what we focus on. No exceptions! Therefore, by putting your attention on the absence of what it is you want, you are preventing an improved situation from entering your life. In that case, if praying for something, begging for something, lamenting what you don't have won't bring it to you. What will?

1. Be the kind of person that lives the way you want to live

What might their day to day habits be? Do they eat healthier? Do they exercise every day? Are they active in their community or with friends? Ask yourself: what do you want your day to day life look like? Then go out and be that person. Act as though the life you want is already here. Do you want a healthier body? What would someone with a fit, toned body do each day? Would they eat differently, exercise, love their body? Start doing those things today. The only way to ever get what you want is to act in a way that supports the kind of life you want to live.

2. What would it feel like to live the life you want?

Whatever it is you want more of in your life, whether it is money, health, love, purpose, etc. What would it feel like to have that? Would you feel at ease? Would it feel like freedom? Maybe you would be able to make decisions based on what you want to do, rather than on what you can afford to do? Feelings are always generated from within ourselves. They are not generated from outside sources. Close your eyes, visualize your life and create the emotions that this life would promise you. As you do this, notice how much better you start feeling even though nothing in your outer situation has changed. All improvements in life have to come from within before they can be achieved. Our brain supports us in this endeavor because it cannot separate reality from fiction. If you visualize your life as you would wish to have it, your subconscious will accept it as reality and start moving in that direction through decisions, choices, and behaviors.

3. How grateful would you be of all your dreams had been answered?

Be THAT grateful right now. Gratitude is often misunderstood in our society. Gratitude isn't about learning to be happy with what you have. Gratitude is about BEING happy with what you already have because by focusing on all that is good in your life, in our inclusion based universe, more of the same will come to you. True gratitude is appreciating all that is good in your life right now. It's not about making peace with what isn't. It's about putting your focus on all you appreciate in your present circumstance. The best way I know to do this is by creating a Gratitude journal. Take ten minutes at the end of every day and reflect back on your day. What went well? What was the best part of your day? Write those things down and reflect on them. Not only will this practice help you bring more beautiful moments into your life, it will also help you to drift off into a more satisfying and restful sleep.

You need to gain mastery of your thoughts, feelings, and gratitude. You are a powerful co-creator in your life, not an innocent victim. Be deliberate about what it is you want to create and BE the person you want to be in the absence of the physical representation of your desires. If you do that, it has to come. It is universal law.


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