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3 Steps to Move out of Resistance

Are you struggling to accept a situation, person, or even an aspect of yourself?

Whichever it is, today I want to offer you three steps you can start taking to move into acceptance. When we are in pain and judgment, it is never the person or situations, but always our stories and resistance to what is happening.

Here are three steps you can take to move out of resistance and start feeling better fast:

1. Witness your judgment:

Whenever you are struggling in a situation or with a person, it is because you are judging it in some way. Therefore the first step in cultivating acceptance always has to be the witnessing of your judgment. Any situation is always neutral. What makes the situation painful is the story you make up about the situation. Notice what it is you are telling yourself about the person or situation. Is the story one of fear or one of love? Simply observe without bringing more judgment to yourself.

2. Bring awareness to the positive aspects:

On a sheet of paper or in your journal, take time to write down all the positive aspects of this person or situation. What do you like about it? Write anything positive you can think of. No matter how small or insignificant it feels, write it down. The point of the exercise is to shift your thinking.

Sometimes, when a person has hurt you , or a situation is extremely painful, it can be challenging to find positive qualities. In that case, you can

- focus on the lessons you have learned from the person or situation

- notice your personal growth due to the circumstance

- bring compassion to the person that has caused you pain. A healthy person wouldn’t hurt another so badly.

Redirect your focus deliberately and in small ways. By grabbing on to better feeling thoughts, you will notice the pain around the event or person lessening.

3. Check in with yourself:

After writing down the positive aspects of the difficult situation or person, take time to read through each new observation. How do you feel as you are looking for positive aspects? How does switching your attention make you feel? Has redirecting your focus made you feel more accepting? Has it lessened your pain?

Write on your paper or in your journal how you feel now that you have brought a greater, more positive perspective to the situation. Has it made you feel more optimistic and positive? Are you able to bring compassion to the person that has caused you pain?

Even the smallest shift can help you feel more accepting, and with practice and time, these small shifts in perception add up and help you to release the resistance that is ultimately the cause of your pain.

Through acceptance, we can start looking at difficult situations and people in a more forgiving and loving light. Whenever we can shift from fear into love, we release pain, and control. When we stop resisting, we move into the flow of the universe and become a magnet for love and divine guidance. When you stop struggling against the universe, you will allow for more joy, and your vibration starts to match that of the universe. From that vantage point, the universe can begin working on your behalf.

Feeling good, should always be your main priority as you move through your day. Resistance always shows you where you have an opportunity for learning and growth. Learn to release resistance as it shows up, and you will start making room for miracles to come into your life.


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