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A Meditation to Connect to Your Spirit Guides

I believe that we are all guided by spiritual beings of the highest truth and divine love. Some of these beings have been assigned to us at birth, while others come to work with us during certain times in our lives. These beings can take on any shape and are not limited by time and place. They are here to guide us along our path in this lifetime and offer support, guidance, and unconditional love as we navigate this human experience.

When you cultivate a relationship with these spiritual beings, they can assist you in moving away from fear and pain to a place of love and alignment with the universe. They are here to guide you in every area of your life with unconditional love and universal intelligence.

In this week’s blog, I want to share with you a meditation to help you connect to your spiritual guides.

This meditation is a beautiful practice to raise your vibration to a state where the connection with your spiritual guides can happen. Your team is always near and available to you. However, when you are experiencing fear, worry, and disconnection, it can be challenging to hear their guidance and feel their love.

While your spirit guides are always by your side, they cannot intervene on your behalf unless they are invited to do so. However, ask them for their assistance, and miracles start to happen. The more often you attempt to connect with them, the stronger their ability to communicate with you will get. And in no time you will start learning their unique way of speaking with you.

Before you start listening to the meditation, be sure to have a journal and pen nearby. After you listen to the meditation, take a few moments of quiet time and write down any impressions or guidance you may have received. Don’t judge what came through, Spirit Guides present themselves to us in a way that we can most easily relate to.

With practice, the connection to our divine team becomes easier, and the way they choose to communicate with you clearer. You may want to give yourself a few moments afterward to have some tea, maybe go for a walk and get grounded before going back to your day.

I hope you enjoy this beautiful practice and be sure to let me know what it felt like to connect to your Spiritual Guides.


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