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How to Connect Spiritually to Lessen Your Pain

Updated: May 8, 2019

Part of the work that I do with my clients is helping them to rediscover their connection to the divine guidance that is available to them. The essence of who we are beyond our physical body and our obligations is inherently connected to source energy. We may have different names for this energy like Universe, God, or Allah, but we are all connected to it. To be more accurate, we are an extension of that energy walking this earth as the human being that we came here to be. In other words, we are spiritual beings having a human experience.

Why do I incorporate spiritual guidance into my work with depression and anxiety?

Because I firmly believe that it is the missing link in the western, medical approach to depression and anxiety. At the very foundation, depression is a disconnection from the powerful, confident divine beings that we are. The degree of our pain is a symptom of how far we have strayed away from who we authentically came to be and our divine inner being is lessened by it. It creates the dissonance that we call depression. Anxiety signals that we have lost faith in the divine unfolding of our life, and are trying to control the outcome by worrying about things that may or may never happen. Again, the degree of pain signals how far removed we are from trusting that life unfolds in perfection. As spiritual beings, we are always driven by an inner system that is looking for expansion and soul growth. Depression and anxiety stop us from that soul intention.

Why is connecting to our divine nature essential to recovering from depression and anxiety?

Our inner being, also called our soul, is always bearing silent witness to the unfolding our life. This divine core is always at peace because it carries the knowledge of why we came to this life and what soul lessons we are here to learn. When we can connect to this inner being, we can relax into our life and trust that although we may be in pain, there is a reason and a way through it. We can start to relax knowing that we are loved beyond all measure and supported at all times. Living life from that state of surrender creates a state of calm observation and peace. In that state, we can heal at a much deeper, core level and can observe our own unfolding with grace and faith. Shame, unworthiness, past abuses, and traumas cannot survive in the light of our spiritual connection.

How can we connect to the divine guidance that is available to us?

Spiritual guidance is available to us all the time. We are surrounded by it. You may not as of yet have a sense of how loved you are, but with you at all times is your spiritual support team. I see it around my clients all the time. As they sit in the loneliness of depression or the terror of anxiety, they are surrounded by guides, ancestors, and angels. I often look at my clients sitting in front of me and think, if only you could see what I see, you would never again feel lost and alone. The good news? YOU can learn to connect to your spiritual team. No special skills required!

What are some steps you can start taking to open up that channel of communication?

1. Ask

Our angels and guides cannot intervene on our behalf without our asking them to. You can start by simply stating your intention of wanting to connect with them. Start asking them for specific signs that they are listening and supporting. You may ask to see a certain kind of bird, flower, or feather, anything that carries meaning for you.

2. Presence

Once you have asked for a sign, start working on being present. When we have depression and anxiety, we tend to live in the past or the future, but we are rarely in the present moment. If you ask for a sign like an eagle, and then you are driving down the road, deep in thought, the eagle could be chasing down your car, and you wouldn’t notice. Think about it, how often do you drive home on complete autopilot, not even really aware of the route you’re taking?

3. Believe

Once you ask to feel more connected and you are working on becoming more present, believe that your spiritual team is trying to connect with you. They will send you little messages. These messages can come through in seeing the specific signs you have asked for, or repeating numbers on clocks like 1:11, or 4:44. They can come through in certain smells, hearing words or even visually. The possibilities of how your team will communicate with you are endless. All you need to do is NOT try to figure out HOW you’re going to connect but TRUST that you WILL and then allow it to unfold.

Living in that state of divine guidance and love will make your life feel infinitely easier and less painful. You will feel like less of a victim of circumstance and more like the creator of your destiny. Be sure to let me know your story of learning to reconnect to your divine nature and if you want support in learning how to do it, be sure to reach out to me.


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