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Miraculous Stories of Transformation

Updated: Aug 12, 2019

One of the most significant factors keeping me motivated to continue working with my clients and creating content is the impact that it has had on my clients’ lives. I have the benefit of sitting across from them and witnessing their transformation and seeing how their lives can change in a relatively small amount of time beyond what they felt was possible for them. That is why I want to share with you some inspirational stories from my clients this week. To inspire you and encourage you to step into a higher version of yourself and heal the parts that need to be healed, so you can follow your heart and live your best life.

I want to start with my own story that I frequently share at live events. I had ended a twenty-year marriage because I had fallen in love with a woman. I thought this was the answer to the depression that had plagued me for so long. I thought living more authentically would be the answer, and fora long time it was. But what I had not healed was old patterns of self-abandonment that I learned early in my childhood. By the time my partner suddenly left, I found myself no longer owning a house, financially unstable, unable to make simple decisions, anxious and depressed. I completely abandoned myself to maintain a relationship that was emotionally devastating to me. The first night, alone in bed, I could not imagine that I would ever recover from this. But somewhere in the depths of me, my spirit didn’t give up. I knew if I was to recover and not repeat this pattern again in the future, I had to get help. I made my recovery a priority above all else. I knew that if I did not fight my way out of my depression and anxiety that the effects on my children would be life-changing. I committed and got to work. I put in one year of intense work with a coach. I changed my thinking, my behavior patterns, and cleaned up my boundaries. I chased joy. Several years later now, and my life bears no resemblance to the one I once lived. I can honestly say that all my relationships are healthy ones at this point. I live a life completely aligned with who I am and find joy in every day. I am no longer depressed and haven’t been for some time now. If I get fearful, I use my tools not to start heading into anxiety. I can honestly say now, for the first time, that I love my life and it feels great!

“ It’s hard to express how significantly my life has changed. At 75, I am no longer depressed after 50 years of struggling.”

My biggest fear was dying in the same depressed state that lived my entire life in. That is why I reached out to Nicole. I always thought that there was something wrong with me. I felt mean, judgmental, unhappy, and miserable in my life. I don’t remember ever feeling different. I thought there was nothing likable about me and that everyone knew that about me. No wonder I was depressed! Thinking there was something wrong with me for 50 years! Now I know that there was never anything wrong with me. I learned tools for working with my thoughts and managing my emotions. I learned to be more authentic in my relationships rather than controlling. I have a toolbox full of tricks I can pull out when I realize I’m not feeling great, and I can turn it around for myself. I'm finally in control of my emotions, and for the first time in my life, I am having fun and looking forward to what is next. “

Jane V. Edison, New Jersey

“ I found the courage to leave a job that was sucking the life right out of me and in the process, discovered just how good my life could be.”

When I first started coming to see Nicole, I could not get through a sentence without crying. I think at our first session I used up the entire box of Kleenex. I had such severe anxiety that I couldn’t sleep at night, my hands were shaking all the time, my mind racing and I could not focus at work. The anxiety was derailing my entire life, including my marriage. My husband couldn’t understand what was wrong with me and was getting more and more frustrated with me. During the sessions, I discovered the cause of the anxiety was a traumatic event in my past that I never death with. I just stuffed it after it happened and tried not to think about it again. I never realized how much it had impacted me subconsciously. Once we got to the real cause of the anxiety, I learned tools to overcome the anxiety. I quit my job and almost immediately found something much better suited to my skills. I started exercising again and just ran a half marathon. My husband is so relieved to have his wife back. I feel empowered. What I learned from Nicole is that I’m enough and that I have the power to heal myself. That really is my biggest takeaway. I’m in charge of my emotional health. I have the tools to decide how my days are gonna be.”

Marianne W. Green Bay, WI

I hope these stories of recovery bring you some inspiration and knowledge that depression and anxiety do not have to be life long and that it truly never is too late. It just starts with a decision. The decision that enough is enough and that you are worthy of living a far better life than the one causing you pain right now.


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