Sacred December

Sacred December

4 week course to Prioritize, Nurture, Restore and Reset

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This December doesn't have to leave you feeling stressed, tired and overwhelmed. Learn new strategies and change your experience of the holiday season.

What you will experience:

  • An increased sense of well being

  • A feeling of graciousness amid the hustle and bustle of the season

  • A practice of calm reflection to end the year

  • A reconnection to your own divine self

  • A renewed sense of purpose as you prepare for the new year.

"I want to create a beautiful holiday for myself and family......but I just feel so overwhelmed!"

If you have found your way here to this page, it is probably because as much as you want to create a picture perfect holiday for yourself and loved ones, you are struggling with overwhelm and a to-do-list a mile long.....

In years past, you have prioritized everything and everyone above yourself, and as a result the holidays have left you feeling depleted and exhausted....

Holidays have brought up all the dysfunctional patterns you have experienced growing up......

This season you want to end the year on a better note and step into the new year feeling restored and ready....

You are ready to challenge yourself to do things differently, to prioritize yourself and practice sacred self care...

False beliefs that are SABOTAGING your holidays:

  • Everything HAS to be perfect!

  • There is NO TIME for me!

  • If I don't do it, NOBODY else will!

  • Other women can do it all...what is is WRONG with me?

  • I will let EVERYONE else down if I take care of myself

What would it take for this December to feel sacred, restorative and nurturing to your body and soul?

Week 1

Re-evaluate your "to-do-list" and change the way you approach the holidays.

Week 2

Practice sacred self-care and have more energy to give to those you love.

Week 3

 Restore the connection to yourself and have more energy for your loved ones.

Week 4

Set powerful intentions to thrive in the new year.

Sacred December

4 week course to Prioritize, Nurture, Restore and Reset

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A four week program to put yourself on top of this holiday season's priority list in order to give more fully of yourself to those you love.

"Nicole has the deep wisdom and intuitive sense needed to help lovingly guide you on your own unique journey, and she can help you learn to deeply love yourself and create a life filled with joy, peace, and great fulfillment."

Ann Fleenor,  Abingdon Va

"She has taken me to the point where I now recognize that I am a strong, compassionate, loving and wise woman, who has not only the birthright but the obligation to speak and live my truth"

Bettina Orlando, Hamburg Germany

"Working with Nicole has been a complete game changer for me.  She has opened up heart and mind and has helped me to see my life and my stories in completely new ways.  I am so grateful for the work she has encouraged me to do.  I look forward to seeing where the rest of my journey will take me."

Allyson, Green Bay Wi

"Nicole's ability to make you feel loved and supported as she is working with you, allows for a safe environment to do deep transformation work."

Shelly, Green Bay Wi

"Nicole's calm and reassuring manner puts you instantly at ease.  She creates a safe, comforting space where you feel heard and understood and where deep healing can happen"

Robin Reid, Spring Green Wi

"Working with Nicole has been the best investment I could have made in my own growth and self-care.  I always look forward to what she will teach next."

Jill, Madison Wi

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Sacred December

4 week course to Prioritize, Nurture, Restore and Reset

ordinarily $59.99 temporary price cut

NOW $ 29.99