I’m excited to begin this 7-Day

Self-Love Challenge 

with you!


All our joy, inner peace, and self-compassion is created from within

If you find yourself battling with self-judgment, negative self-talk, and insecurities, this seven-day challenge will help you shift into empowerment, self-compassion, and joy.

The Self-Love Challenge includes:

7 Day Self-Love PDF Guide

7 Day Self-Love Action Plan

1 Email per day from Nicole with your Self-Love Focus of the day

1 Video per day from Nicole explaining the exercise and focus of the day

About Nicole

Only when we can come into alignment with who we really are, learn to accept our gifts and limitations, forgive ourselves for our shortcomings and talk to ourselves the way we wish others would speak to us, can we live a truly happy and authentic life.

I created this free challenge out of a desire to help you create a more joyful, authentic life.


This challenge will include a compilation of the tools I practice every day and have seen first hand make a difference in my clients' lives as well.

The Challenge is free but you must register to receive access to the PDF, Action Plan, Videos and Emails!