Within you lies unlimited potential and the spark of the divine.  You didn't come into this life to live a life of struggle and pain.  You are meant to be joyful, creative and expansive.  You have the wisdom of the divine and the unlimited potential to create the life you desire. 

When you are ready to access this truth and open to healing at a deep core level, I invite you into one of my signature programs. During our work together, you will break free from the conditioning that has you trapped in limiting beliefs, learn how to connect to the lasting joy that is yours to claim, and become empowered to create a life that you are truly excited to jump out of bed for in the morning.

You are an energetic being, powerful beyond words and the creator of your life. 

What life do YOU want to create?

Together we will release the stories that no longer serve you, identify the false beliefs that are keeping you trapped and create a bolder, exciting vision for your future.  We live in a supportive university with tools and techniques ready to help you break free from pain, trauma, and depression. During our time together, I will teach you powerful, holistic tools that you can continue using long after our time ends to create a life that is authentically yours.

I invite you to explore the ways we can work together to create a life that feels authentic, joyful and empowering!

Through emotional and spiritual healing and with powerful tools to break habitual patterns, a life free from depression can become your reality!

Depression Programs

Do you believe that you are powerless over your depression?  Have you tried for years to heal from depression only to find yourself consistently slipping back in?

In my depression programs, I will lead you to the core level healing required to truly heal from depression.  By connecting back to the child that took on the painful beliefs you have been suffering under, you will learn the root cause of your depression. You will learn powerful tools and techniques that will help to change the behavioral and emotional patterns that have created the depression habit in your life.

 Spiritual Mentoring 

Learn to let go of who you think you're supposed to be and uncover all you came here to be!

Do you know how truly powerful you are? Are you aware of the profound wisdom inside of you? Can you access the unconditional joy that is your birthright?


My spiritual mentoring programs are designed for you to get back in touch with who you authentically came to be in this world, to let go of the limiting beliefs that are keeping you playing small and give you the tools you need to become the creator of your life.

Start Living Your Best Life Now!

I will send you materials that inspire, support, and empower you to  live a spiritually connected and joyful life.

As a welcome gift, I will send you my free  Conquer Depression Toolkit to guide you through bad days.

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