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Sobieski, WI


She made me realize that I had limiting beliefs and some issues from my childhood with which I needed to come to terms.   I had NO idea!   I knew right away that Nicole was on to something.  The work isn’t always easy, but it is necessary for me to become my authentic self.  Nicole helps me to identify some of the feelings and emotions that are difficult for me to name.   She invites me to be vulnerable and is vulnerable and open herself.  I felt an instant connection to her and even though some of the insights that we discussed were new to me, they felt right and for the first time, I feel that I am making real progress working toward my life’s purpose.

Ann Fleenor

Abingdon, VA

"Nicole is not just another coach.  She has been on this healing and awakening soul journey herself.  She helped me discover the truth behind some unconscious beliefs from my childhood that were holding me back in fear as I prepared to start my own healing business.  Nicole has the deep wisdom and intuitive sense needed to help lovingly guide you on your own unique journey, and she can help you learn to deeply love yourself and create a life filled with joy, peace, and great fulfillment. "

Bettina Orlando

North Carolina

"Talking to Nicole, I could sense immediately that whenever she responded to what I told her, it came from a deep place of understanding, not learned knowledge.  I felt that she could always really see me, even when I couldn't.  No judgment but only love and complete acceptance for who I  am.   She has taken me to the point where I now recognize that I am a strong, compassionate, loving and wise woman, who has not only the birthright but the obligation to speak and live my truth"

Bettina Orlando, North Carolina

Between now and when we meet for your Exploration Session, feel free to watch the training videos below, so you can start getting a feel for how I work.  I look forward to connecting with you!

Video Training:

  Authentic Self vs. Conditioned Self

Video Training:

What Are Your Feelings Trying to Tell You?